BeBa Energy

Solar Energy Installation and Maintenance


In the realm of energy brands, BeBa Energy had grown tired and outdated. Yet, surprisingly, it maintained a devoted following among its clients.

Recognising the need for change, BeBa Energy undertook a bold endeavour to attract a new audience while preserving its historical value. A transformation was initiated, resulting in a strong, bold, and confident brand that firmly established itself as a major player in the solar energy market.

The brand’s rejuvenation breathed new life into its image, leaving behind the stale past and embracing the potential of the future. BeBa Energy became synonymous with innovation and progress, symbolizing the shift towards a brighter and sustainable tomorrow.



The strapline is used across the marketing. Be Smarter applies to the decision to use solar as well as the unique services that BeBa provides in order to record the real-time figures produced by a solar array, Be Greener and BeBa conclude the strapline to push the clean energy message.


Once the brand was established we set about creating a web presence that would be bold enough to keep the audiences attention and detailed enough for them to engage.

It clearly worked!

BeBa left the realms of page “xxx i’ve lost interest” and seated itself firmly at the top of Google for many search terms.

Marketing material

The essence of BeBa has been woven into every touchpoint, infusing a distinctive “BeBa’ised” charm. As a result, whenever anyone encounters anything related to BeBa, they feel confidence, reliability and trust.

Sky TV

We needed to create an advert for Sky TV that would land in the laps of commercial farmers so Bob and Dave were created, and they went on to feature throughout the brand for a time.

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