Copper Jax

Industrial and Commercial Door Specialists


In creating the new logo for Copper Jax, our priority was to encapsulate their unique selling points to effectively portray them as they company they are. We aimed to incorporate several key elements, including a modern and forward-thinking font, a concise and impactful tagline, and a design element that seamlessly integrated both the British flag and roller shutters.



Modern take on the British Flag combined with shutters

Modern hand made typeface

What they do


Proudly Securing Your Business

To emphasise the company’s primary objective to keep business secure we added the above strapline to this comprehensive branding arsenal. Copper Jax are company focused on commercial security and this tagline showcases their dedication to providing quality products and services. 


The web development aspect of our rebranding project had two primary goals: increasing traffic for SEO purposes and ensuring successful visitor conversion into customers.

To set the new Copper Jax website apart from its competitors, we incorporated eye-catching visuals, vibrant colours, and interactive elements throughout the site. These design choices were carefully implemented to deliver a unique and captivating online experience that is not only informative but also engages the visitors keeping them on the site longer.

From 404 (page not found)

to number 4

in Google

Marketing material

To establish Copper Jax as a prominent company within the UK, we maintain a close collaboration with them to ensure consistent brand representation across all customer communications including socials, web pages, signage, vans and documentation. This is essential to ensure that every customer touchpoint follows the comprehensive brand guidelines.

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