Aerial Video

As well as ground based photography and video, we now have a fleet of 7 UAVs (or drones as they’re commonly referred to).

This allows us to not only produce fantastic flyover style videos, but to include aerial video clips into ground based corporate videos to give added context and dynamism.

We have everything from small single operator UAVs up to 2/3 man rigs with full broadcast cameras and live HD video streaming, even personnel tracking units when you need something special.

Our support vehicle has a large live-feed TV which allows customers to see the video as it’s being captured, ensuring they are instantly happy with the footage, saving hours of checking and reshooting and/or extra days of filming.

Our experienced UAV pilots all fully trained, insured and have CAA permissions for commercial work (PFAW) for sub 7kg and 7-20kg craft.

So whether you need a full production, or just some beautiful aerial clips to add into your own film, why not call us for a chat.